Three Sisters

The Hike:  Three Sisters Waterfalls
Vague Location:  San Diego County
Distance:  4 Miles – Out & Back
Elevation Gain/Loss:  1000′

The drive to the trailhead was unexpected.  There was several miles of unpaved road that made for a rougher drive. Additionally, a “river” flooded the road and the water was deeper than it appeared.
Like most things, the negatives came with positives.  The view of the landscape was gorgeous.  There was a bull in someone’s front yard and a peacock on display in another.

The land was mostly green and a few wildflowers were in bloom.


The trail was populated with other hikers, especially closer to the river and falls.  It was more crowded than I typically enjoy, however I wasn’t worried about mountain lions. (Something I always think about when I am on an unpopulated trail.)

The falls were easily seen and heard in the distance.  The anticipation of reaching the falls was exciting even when figuring the best way to get down the steep dirt paths.  The dirt was loose and the paths were often dusty and people were sliding down.

“Purple” was taken when I was catching my breath on a steep hill.

Once at the river, there seemed to be no “real” trail to get to the upper falls.  The rocks appeared to be slippery and the water was moving fast. There was a lot of scrambling along the rocks with the goal of reaching the top of the falls.

Even with the beauty (and excellent work out), the odds of hiking Three Sisters a second time is pretty low.

The hike was taken in May of 2012.

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