Sycuan Peak

The Hike:  Sycuan Peak
Vague Location:  San Diego County – Near Alpine and Jamul
Distance:  2 Miles – Out & Back
Elevation:  2,801′
Elevation Gain/Loss:  800′

The hike was short with a relatively quick climb to the peak.  Although not a suburban hike, a few homes are seen from the trail.  A crowing rooster was heard during the descent.

I am fairly certain that it rained earlier in the day because the plants were covered with drops of water.  And even more obvious was that the trail turned into mud!
The mud was unavoidable and often clung to my shoes as I was determined to reach the peak. “Gross” and “Nasty” were often repeated, as the squishy texture and the weight of the mud was noticeable.

Despite the shortness of the hike, I took quite a few photos of the sky.  I was fond of the changing clouds.
Sunny Top

Breaking Clouds
To the west, a hint of the ocean was often seen glistening in the sun. At the peak, Loveland Reservoir was seen in the opposite direction.
Loveland Reservoir

The abundance of mud did not make for a well-timed hike, yet the panoramic views and cool temperature was much appreciated.

This hike was taken in January, 2013.

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