Split Mountain Canyon to Mud Hills Wash to Elephant Knees

The Hike:  Mud Hills Wash to Elephant Knees
Vague Location:  Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Length:  5 Miles – Out & Back (Plus 5 additional miles if hiking the canyon.)
Elevation Gain/Loss:  300′

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park offers a diverse desert landscape that is to be admired and appreciated.  By exploring Anza-Borrego, I have become quite fond of the desert and it’s many forms of beauty.

On the way to Elephant Knees
Our vehicle did not have 4-wheel drive; which is recommended to reach the trailhead.  We should have parked the car at the start of the dirt road; however we ended up ditching the car (parked in a wide area) in the canyon and hiked the rest of the way in.  There were too many large rocks on the road for it to be accessible with our car.

The Hike In
The canyon’s beauty was appreciated much more on foot than in the car.  And I was happy that we continued onward towards our hiking goal!

Oyster Shells
The hike to Elephant Knees was flat and extremely easy; due to the temperature being “reasonable.”  Once reaching the “Elephant Knees” formation we climbed onto the mud hills.  Ancient oyster shells are found here from when this region was part of the Gulf of California.

Earth @ Elephant Knees
The ground truly resembled elephant skin.

Climbing the mud hills provided panoramic views of the desert landscape.

This hike was taken on December 31, 2011.  It was a great place to experience the last hike of 2011.

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