Iron Mountain

The Hike:  Iron Mountain
Location:  The parking lot is located at HWY 67 and Poway Road in Poway, California.
Length:  6.4 Miles Total – Out & Back
Elevation Gain:  1200′
Total Elevation:  ≈ 27oo’

Iron Mountain - The Start
I previously avoided Iron Mountain because I heard it was crowded.  I began the hike with the mindset that I was there for fitness more than the peace and quiet that so many other trails have to offer.  This was helpful because it was extremely crowded during my first hike to the summit.

I was happy to notice a few wildflowers in bloom.  The colors were few and far between; however yellows, pinks, blues and whites were present.

View from Peak
The views and open space were enjoyable.

Sunset from Descent
The trail was well maintained and had helpful signs leading the way to the summit.  Overall, I would add this populated trail to my regular mix for trail running and fitness-oriented hikes – which is exactly why it is so popular and enjoyed by many.

The photos shown are from hikes taken on February 17 and 18, 2013.

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