Santa Margarita River Trail

The Hike:  Santa Margarita River Trail
Vague Location:  Fallbrook, California
Length:  5.2 Miles Roundtrip – Out & Back
Elevation Gain/Loss:  400’/400′

Jerry Schad’s Afoot & Afield:  San Diego County (a great resource for San Diego hikers) suggests a 5.2 mile hike on this trail.  I believe that I hiked farther on this trail and/or other intersecting trails. Unfortunately, I do not have a documented record of the distance and exact trails that were taken.

On the Trail
The trail offered plenty of shade as it followed the river.  The hike was fairly populated for the first mile or so, although farther out we only passed a solo hiker.

At times, river crossings were necessary to remain on the trail.

We also visited Rainbow Creek that surprisingly had rainbows swirling in the water.  My partner called this “pollution.”

I watched a gigantic golden bird (I am guessing that it was a hawk) carry a squirming rat into the sky.  I felt a little sad for the rodent; however, the bird was beautiful.

Near sunset we heard several groups of coyotes yipping.  We ended the hike by jogging several miles because the sky was quickly getting dark and we did not carry a flashlight.

This hike was taken on January 14, 2012.

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