Ryan Mountain Trail at Joshua Tree National Park

The Hike:  Ryan Mountain Trail
Vague Location:  Joshua Tree National Park
Better Location:  Park Map of Location
Distance:  3 Miles Total – Out & Back
Elevation Gain:  1070′
Elevation at Summit:  5457′

Joshua Tree
When I arrived at Joshua Tree, I asked a park ranger about which hikes he recommended. He asked whether I was interested in exercise or to see the sights within the park.  I said, “Both!”  He suggested hiking up nearby Ryan Mountain to see the panoramic views.

It was a hot day and we started the hike in the afternoon.  The trailhead’s parking lot was empty and we saw no other hikers on the trail.  However, we did see lots of lizards!


There were a few interesting plants along the way.

On Ryan Mountain
At the summit, there was a simple wooden sign that announces the 5,457 Ft elevation.  There was also a large pile of rocks; which we added to by placing another rock on top of the pile.

After we descended back to the parking lot, we were in desperate need of shade for a (slightly) cooler location to eat lunch before continuing onward with our park explorations.  We decided to eat under a rock formation near the trailhead.  There we saw:


This hike was taken on June 17, 2011.

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2 Responses to Ryan Mountain Trail at Joshua Tree National Park

  1. kenneturner says:

    . . . know the area and love it!

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