49 Palms Oasis at Joshua Tree

The Hike:  49 Palms Oasis Trail
Location:  Joshua Tree National Park – Trailhead & Map
Distance:  3 Miles Total – Out & Back
Elevation Gain:  300 feet

It’s freaking hot in the desert.  The trail offered no shade until reaching the palm oasis and the shade found there was minimal.  (It was still hot.)

The hike started out looking like this… Rocks.  There were a few red barrel cactus scattered along the way.  There was not much else to be seen.

Palms in the Distance
The palms were spotted in the distance.

49 Palms
I am excited to reach the palms.

I have previously hiked and enjoyed Maidenhair Falls (Palm Oasis) in Anza-Borrego Desert.  Granted, I usually hike to Maidenhair during wildflower season, and I have found that desert landscape to be abundant with life and beauty.  If you are looking for a palm oasis tucked away in the desert, I highly recommend visiting Anza-Borrego.  I could not help comparing the two hikes.

This hike was taken on June 18, 2011.

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