Tenaja Falls

The Hike:  Tenaja Falls
Distance:  1.4 Miles – Out & Back
Location:  Cleveland National Forest
Elevation Gain:  300′ to the Falls
Total Elevation:  1570′
Other Information:  $5/Day Adventure Pass is needed and cannot be purchased at the trailhead.

Starting at the Tenaja Falls Trailhead, it is a relatively quick hike to the (currently dry) falls. The most difficult part is realizing that you need to cross the stream in order to remain on the trail.  The stream was completely dry a little ways down which made crossing simple.

Dry Falls
Not too far along the trail, the (dry) falls become visible.

I cannot determine the elevation from the benchmark, but here it is.

Looking Down
The falls were completely dry; however, the views were pretty despite the graffiti and occasional litter.  There were several other groups of hikers hanging out near the falls and we decided to return to the trailhead.  We ended up hiking another four miles through San Mateo Canyon on Fisherman’s Camp Trail – which I will share as a separate hike. 🙂

Later on, I read about mountain lion sightings in the area which occurred several years ago.  This led to further reading about mountain lions spotted in many of my recent hiking locations; which continues to fuel both my intrigue and fear of lions.

This hike was taken on May 26, 2013.

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2 Responses to Tenaja Falls

  1. FreeRangeCow says:

    I wonder what happened to that benchmark? Thank you for such stunning photos! Mountain lions scare me more than bears.

    • enjoybliss says:

      I am guessing it was vandalized or worn down over time. I don’t really hike in bear country these days. Yet, I totally agree that my fear of mountain lions is greater than my fear of bears!

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