Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail at Redwood National Park

The Hike:  Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail
Distance:  1 Mile Loop
Location:  Redwood National Park

A park ranger recommended that I explore Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail because it was one of the park’s most popular trails to view the redwoods.  She stated that I may have to wait because the small parking lot is often full.  Luckily, there were plenty of parking spacess when I arrived; yet there was also a few groups of hikers hitting the trails.

My plan was to “stalk” other hikers.  Usually when I hike, I prefer not sharing the trail or at least maintain personal space and enjoy nature without hearing the sounds of other people.  This trail was pretty great for what I needed as a single hiker who fears mountain lions.  I was able to keep a group of hikers just outside of my vision either ahead or behind me.  Of course, this had me slowing down or speeding up as needed.  Sometimes, I switched the group of people that I was following. The trail was a loop, so occasionally, I would pass a couple hiking in the opposite direction.

Moss Covered
The air is so fresh and  breathable here.  Plus, the scenery is gorgeous.  I hiked this trail on two separate occasions when I visited the redwood coast.  I highly recommend this trail as well as the entire Redwood National & State Parks area.

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5 Responses to Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail at Redwood National Park

  1. smallpebbles says:

    Been there a number of times……sublime nature! Aaaaah……

  2. Dina says:

    Beautiful captures! And I l♥ve your Header. 🙂

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